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Friday, October 19, 2012

Training and Training Logs for Shooters

I have never used one, I don’t record the specifics of my practice, but the question came up so I did some research.  Training logs can range from a small notebook with dates, time, rounds fired, type of shooting, i.e., marksmanship, drawing, speed, point, etc., to complex computer applications that calculate lots of different information and can graph your practice and your performance.  I admit to being intrigued by the apps I could get for my Android phone.  I might do that.

My training time generally starts with a warm up at about 8 feet, using my sights, slow fire, trying to make one hole.  Then I will gradually work out to 15 or twenty feet depending on my goal for that day and speed up.  I will draw, point shoot several rounds fast, come to a high ready, do a 360 degree scan, drive out and either shoot 4 or 5 rounds point shooting or slow down and do one precision shot with sights.  Somewhere in this combination I will re-holster.  I deliberately do not track my round count, nor do I always load my practice magazines to capacity so I am never sure when the reload is coming.  I believe in a real situation I won’t be counting my rounds so I want to be able to reload quickly, smoothly and re-engage with minimal down time. 

If I’ve had a particularly bad day, I may just go and put as many holes in the paper as I can, I find that very relaxing.  I will generally shoot between 150 and 200 rounds in a one hour practice session.  Every other month or so I will remind myself to shot with my weak hand, both one handed and two handed.  I actually shoot fairly well when I do that because it forces me to concentrate harder. 

I will be purchasing an app for my phone in the near future and post a review of what I think.  I may find that I like a training log, I’ll let you know.


Safe Shooting!

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