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Friday, October 12, 2012

We all Need One!

What do you need?  A friendly shop where you can pick up your accessories, boots, pants, range bags, knives, batons, 5.11 shirts, training pistols…you know, everything except the guns.  We need a great place for those, too.  But, you can’t always find everything in one place.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, F3 Tactical, 13914 Metrotech Dr., Chantilly, VA 20151.

These are some of the nicest people I’ve met in the shooting community, and we all know what a great group the shooting community is!  They are very supportive of Law Enforcement, Military (even us Retired types, Firefighters, EMTs, anyone in public service).

My experiences have included them ordering special sizes for me so I could get exactly what I wanted if it wasn’t in stock.  A willingness to chat, complimentary coffee, great Show and Tell (I took my new shotgun in after I got it at the gun show and had them help me pick out accessories), great advice.  They have hosted lots of events, including the MASF meet and greet, a free SIRT (Laser Sight Indicating Resetting Trigger Training Gun) class, a free Knife class…What more can you ask for?

Not in the local area?  Check them out on Facebook for great pictures from the store, friends, Show and Tell, events…

Great people, competitive prices, free coffee, free classes…what more can you ask for?

Stop in and say hi, you are guaranteed a friendly smile and a great time.




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  1. Yay! I love it when I find a cool place like this. Unfortunately, my two favorite places aren't combined :( THAT would be the ultimate store - my favorite gun shop and my favorite 5.11 store. *sigh*