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my books
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Writing can be hard work

Coming up with new ideas can be tough sometimes.  I’m going to turn some of that over to you and ask. “Do you have any questions?”  Maybe I can write about questions you have or ideas.  I know you don’t want me to write about my day at work or what I did for dinner, that isn’t what this blog has been about, so…thoughts?


  1. Hey Lynne, when you go to the range, what kind of plans do you put in place? Do you work on specific drills, types of movement, alternate types of aiming? So, when you "go to the range", what does that mean??

    I've been harping on training documentation lately on my blog, trying to come up with easy ways to hold myself accountable for my range visits. What kind of documentation methods do you use?

    Always curious how other folks approach training when they go to the range!



    1. great question! I sort of wing it but will write a post on this. I generally focus on marksmanship for about 10 minutes, then practice speed drills, then depending on my mood, I practice holster drills, point shooting, 360 scans, side stepping(as much as the booth allows) and at least once every couple months, I switch to using my support hand as the primary. Thanks for the idea!