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my books
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Act Like a Lady

Most on-line dictionaries I consulted had similar definitions for Lady, something like; “A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.”  This coincided with lady-like, as in behavior.  I would like to be so bold as to redefine “Lady”.  I can generally agree with the definition, but I think “proper behavior” needs a little further explanation. 

Proper behavior does not include:
-Being a doormat
-Being subservient
-Going along with something that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy
-Meekly accepting an attack or aggression

Proper behavior does include:
-Understanding that you are a valuable person
-Defending your right to your person, property and space
-Responding appropriately to acts of aggression from the known and unknown (appropriately being a proportional response)
-Not being afraid to offend someone who approaches you out of context by telling them to leave you alone
-Trusting your natural instincts and intuition, if it feels wrong, it probably is
It doesn’t matter if you wear high-heels or boots, dresses or jeans, you can be a lady.  Be considerate, be thoughtful but remember to trust your instincts.


Be safe.

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