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Friday, March 15, 2013

Parking Lots

They are dangerous places.  Think for a minute about how you respond in a parking lot, such as at the grocery store.  Do you, as one young woman did recently, walk while focused so intently on texting that you walk into a car?  (yep, walked into me, actually)  Do you do the famous no-look step off the curb into a traffic lane?  Or, even drive down a lane assuming that the car backing up can see you and will stop?  Tip, if you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you!
How about getting packages and kids settled into the car?  Are you completely focused on your task or maintaining your situational awareness?  Do you realize that your windows act almost like mirrors and can help you to see what is behind you?  Do you have all the car doors, except the one you are accessing, locked?  Is the shopping cart between you and anyone approaching or off to the side where is can’t function as a barrier?
We become complacent in parking lots because we go to the same stores all the time.  Familiarity leads to a sense that you can relax, let your guard down.  Wrong!  Always keep alert!  Decide what your zone of comfort is and don’t let anyone inside that zone without challenging them.
Stay Alert and Stay Safe!


  1. Men OR women, parking lots ARE dangerous... Plain and simple, parking lots are a place where you NEED to be in condition orange!

  2. So true! It's those transition areas that we get complacent in.

  3. I am always mindful of where and how I park. I make it a point to see if there are people sitting in their cars near me, and who is walking through the lot. When I leave the store for my car I am on full alert. My husband thinks I am paranoid. Yep, guess I am, and rightly so. And I will go to almost any length to not have to park in a parking garage.

  4. Always a good reminder!! As Old NFO stated, this applies to both men and women!