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my books
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Practicing in an Ammo Shortage

Ammunition prices are soaring, demand is high and so are prices, supplies are very scarce.  Basic economic law.  But how do you practice when you can afford, or find, ammunition? 
I’m not a fan of dry fire, especially with a semi-automatic because you have to wrack the slide to reset the trigger.  But, you can practice drawing and coming on to the target and, just like when we were kids, say “Bang”.  You can also buy a training pistol, I like the Sight Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT), which is a laser training pistol and is available across the web in several configurations.  This lets you draw and fire, seeing where the laser hits so you know if you are on your target.  If also makes it easier to practice shooting from less than ideal positions, such as just cleared the holster, on your back between your knees…  Ok, they are also great fun if you have cats.
Seriously, you may be cutting back on your range time, but that is no reason not to practice.  Might not be as much fun as going to the range and going through 300 rounds in a hour, but…until this all sorts itself out and the supply normalizes…you still need to keep your skills sharp.

Safe Shooting!

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