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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ammo Review

I received my first request to do a review!  www.LuckyGunner.com sent me two boxes of MAGTECH First Defense .380 77 gr Copper Tip Hollow points.

First, let me tell you I checked over the site and the prices are very competitive.  Then I looked at shipping.  If you want one box of something, probably not, but if you are looking for bulk, this is the way to go.  Even with the shipping costs it a great deal.  I like that they let you know right on the site what the inventory is.  Shipping is very fast, no surprises, emails were polite and professional.

Now, the Magtech rounds.  I had never shot them, I have a Ruger LCP .380.  Many of you know that the LCP can be pretty picky and jam easily.  I had no problems, the rounds performed nicely, where not "snappy" or hard on the wrist.  They were actually easier to shoot than my normal practice rounds.

Bottom line, I did some on-line comparisons between the Magtech and my normal defensive carry round and they compared well for stopping and penetration.  Will I buy Magtech going forward?  Probably.

Will I buy from www.LuckyGunner.com in the future?  Absolutely! 

Thank you to Lucky Gunner for the opportunity to try your site, a new ammo, and then share my thoughts.

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