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my books
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Do I know who is around me? (update from Dec 2011)

Situational Awareness…knowing what is around you. How often do you see someone wandering through a parking lot, texting frantically and staring down at their phone? One of them walked into the side of my car the other day. Hard to imagine? Next time you are at the mall or even the grocery store, look around! They are everywhere, another word for them is ‘Victim”. As we are coming into prime shopping season more of us are walking through the parking lot focused on either getting into the store to find the perfect gift, or getting to the car with our hands full of bags. Don’t forget to keep your head up, your keys out, be aware of who and what is around you. Don’t become an easy target. Remember you are your own best defense and projecting confidence and attention in your walk and posture can cause the bad guy to look for an easier target.

Don't be afraid to look someone in the eye! That tells them you know they are there. Take advantage of reflective surfaces; car windows, mirrors at the ATM, store windows... Watch for people making eye contact across a space, looking at you and then looking at each other, they could be targeting you. Flash mobs are a real problem, be alert to a group of people suddenly moving in one direction.


Being aware of who and what is around you is the first step in keeping yourself safe. If you see it unfolding you can begin to plan your response, your "what if" scenarios. Don't be shy, this is your safety. Better to embarrass someone who is being stupid, than to let them get too close.

Your safety starts with your situational awareness.

Stay Safe!

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