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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Firearms are like Potato Chips (or Shoes) Part II

Updated from a post in Dec 2011

Truer words were never written, at least for me. For those who know me well, I am a shoe-addict! My husband keep threatening to build a wing just for my shoes! Now, we are looking at maybe need a new safe for the guns because I'm looking at my first rifle.

Once you start, you need more! Buying your first firearm can be a stressful and exhilarating experience. Then you start to practice, get comfortable with it. Then the brain kicks in, Gee if one is good, two is better! And, we are off and running. As of this writing I have a modest collection of pistols with two more on my radar. I’m also starting to look at rifles. Why? They’re fun!

Lays ® potato chips popularized the expression; “I bet you can’t eat just one.” Well, I know a lot of people who shoot. Of them, the only ones I know who have one gun are those who have been shooting less than six months. Don’t be surprised. You wander through your first gun show and suddenly…there is it. A rainbow wood stock on a rifle, a pink finish on a revolver, a beautiful carved wood stock, or a hot AR-15! Whatever it is that figuratively trips your trigger, you will find it nearly impossible to resist. You might resist this time, but the image will stay in your mind. Actually gun shows are a great place to see lots of different makes, models and styles in one place. You might not buy it there, this time, but don’t be surprised if you are checking the calendar to see when the next one is!

I’m still dreaming of the Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 revolver (that is the high polished one!). What can I say, it would perfectly match a pair of shoes I already have! 
I wrote the above last year, since then I have started adding slide plates to my Glocks, bought a terribly fun Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle, a .22 pistol with an exotic wood stock, and am still drooling over Charter Arms who is coming out with a leopard print pistol, oh my!  I know, I once poo-pooed the colored guns, what can I say...I'm really changing my tune on that one.  Partly after speaking with the President of Charter Arms and learning more about the company.  They have a real commitment to quality, to their employees and to quietly supporting women without boasting about it (the publicist filled me in).  They are also donating to giveaways to the local National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day event, and sending some stuff to VA for our event. 
I was asked a question about what is the right first gun for someone.  Basic answer is something that fits your hand, but deeper than that...a gun is a financial commitment.  When you are starting out, your needs in the first few months may be different than in the first year.  What kind of shooting will you do?  Will you carry concealed?  Are you a plinker?  A .22 is a great plinking gun, and a difficult carry gun.  A 9mm is good for both, but maybe not the full sized (I like the Glock 19 and 26s).  Are you looking for something a little bigger, want to go up to a .40?  Think about how you see yourself with your gun in the first year, and shop for what works best for you for all of those things.  Trust me, more will come, but your initial investment should be adequate to hold you for a little while.
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  1. Great post once again. Shows a little more of your personality which is awesome!!,

  2. Love it! I've always said, as well, that guns are like shoes - you need one to go with every outfit :)

    1. Can't wait for the Leopard one! ;-)