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Friday, September 21, 2012

Developing a new class for women...ideas?

I've been working on developing a new class for women, focusing on very basic un-armed personal defense.  Not just physical contact, but more on situational awareness, using your voice, walking with a purpose, not being an easy target, getting creative with avoidance or distraction, some cyber-security, watching your drink when you are out, and, yes, some very basic physical resistance.

I was thinking of adding an optional hour at the end for holsters.  Just the ladies, try on holsters, carry purses, no shooting, no guns, just getting a feel for different types of holsters.  Maybe save someone else from "the holster bag".

That written, I'm asking you for your help.  If you were interested in a women only unarmed basic personal defense course, what would you want to learn?  I'm hoping to make this as helpful as possible and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, I do think this might be a gateway class for some to bring them to shooting, but even if not, I want to give a good foundation, if only one woman is saved from a bad encounter, it will be worth all the effort.

Thank you!!!


  1. Sounds similar to the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim course plus some. Let me read through my RTBAV instructor stuff and see if I can come up with more stuff to help you.

    1. Thanks, I'm actually a RTBAV instructor. I was trying not to poach on that, but go beyond it.

  2. You should speak with Kimberly Walsh from Damels In Defense Pro. She runs a business that focuses on just that. She might have some ideas about what women want/need.

    She is on FB.

  3. My last self-defense class we practiced how to fall correctly - so you minimize hurting yourself and are ready to defend, how to get out of someone straddling you trying to choke you, and some basic pressure point/joint manipulation techniques. My big takeaway from the class was how to get out of a bearhug type grab...work the attackers pinky from their fist and pull the opposite direction - they have to let go! If I took another class I would want more techniques to "get away" from an attacker.