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Friday, September 14, 2012

Latest Trip to a Gun Shop - Update

Based on comments received, I wrote to the company, linked to the orginial post, and expressed my frustration at the apparent gender bias.  I also asked permission to quote from the reponse.
I did hear back, one step above a form letter, that barely addressed my issue and did not answer the question about posting a follow up, even though I did write that I would not name the company.
Essentially, I got they've recently expanded, adding firearms, you know how hard it is to find knowledgeable help, they've hired a woman to oversee that section for all of the retail stores, etc....
Pretty much not an answer.
So...I guess they don't need my business.  Since the store is local to me I will share the name with people in the area so they can avoid them as as well.
It is sad that there are still some companies who, instead of addressing the issue, hide behind good help is hard to find.  However, since not all of them are like that, it will be survival of the finest.  I will go where I'm not talked down to or ignored; i.e., vote with my feet.
Original post below

I stopped into a Tactical / Gun store today looking for a new bag for my first aid kit and wandered by the counter in the back with a lovely assortment of Smith and Wessons. I waited patiently while the clerk finished with the person he was helping, somewhat patiently while he did something with a rifle box, started losing patience when he walked out from behind the counter and came back with a man answering questions, then left again. The other man who had been behind the counter the entire time typing into a computer finally looked up and asked if I had a question. Really? Me standing there for five minutes didn't give him a clue?

I asked about the M&Ps in the case, he informed me that I had to be LEO or Military to buy from that case. I asked if Retired Military was adequate, it was. Thought that might have given him a clue, or that I new they were M&Ps...nope. He pointed to the 9mm, I mentioned I was intereseted in the .45. He told me they had 40s. Does this guy not shoot? I told him I didn't want a .40, I was interested in the .45. Shrug, he opened the slide door by the .45s and said I do have a compact model. Ok, at this point I get lots of credit for not clocking him then and there. I said no, I didn't need a compact model. He tried to show me a tiny little polymer revolver, saying it could go in a pocket or a purse (ARGH!!) then when I commented that it would not be fun to shoot because it was so light he told me it would make a good backup gun. I replied, not if I don't practice with it!

Bottom line, the prices were good, but the service was clueless!!

It is getting better, and if he had been a shooter, he probably would have gotten a clue by how I checked the pistol to be sure it was clear, and handled it...FRUSTRATING!

Be Safe!

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  1. Good for you for standing up for yourself and others. Too bad for them for not caring.