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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting (CFS), My Introduction

I had the chance to spend a day observing an 8 hour class this past weekend.  I had planned to take the class but because of a flare of tendonitis I can’t shoot for a few more weeks.  However, I was able to go, observe and take a lot of photos for Evan Carson, the instructor.
The course was held outdoors in Northern Va, near Harper’s Ferry.  If you’ve never been up there, it was beautiful, mountains, wineries, farms…that was the up side.  The downside was bugs and a couple spells of heavy rain.  Ok, I’m spoiled, I like the indoor range I go to. 
The CFS Course was incredible.  It was progressive, building the skills.  All the students were already proficient shooters.  I can’t imagine doing the class without the fundamentals in place.  The philosophy includes incorporating the natural startle response into your actions, recognizing if a threat exists and shooting if there is, scanning and evaluating for additional threats..  The students were pushed physically and mentally and went away very pumped, excited and yes, tired.
I am still a strong believer in getting your fundamentals down but I can’t imagine a better program to take your shooting to the next level.  These guys went through several hundred rounds, my arms wouldn’t have held up.  I am really looking forward to actually taking the training. 
I can not recommend CFS strongly enough.  If you are in the Virginia Area, check out Evan Carson and Innovative Defensive Solutions.

Ladies, do not be put off by the name!  This is great training for anyone who wants to move their defensive shooting to the next level.  It isn't easy, but it is more mental than physical.  If I wasn't recovering from an injury I would have taken the class instead of photographing it.  I can't wait!
Stay Safe!


  1. Ladies, this a great class for women. I was slowed by tendonitis but can't wait To take the class. it will definitely increase your awareness and self defense skills.

  2. I was lucky enough to take a class from one of Rob Pincus' instructors several years ago - it was fantastic. I would love to do a CFS course, because I knowI'll come out a much stronger shooter.