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my books
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Women are the new Majority

I'm seeing more and more women in classes, learning, shooting, having fun.
They are strong, independent, smart and armed! 

There was a big gun show this weekend in my area and I saw a lot of women shopping, buying and smiling.  Yep, I always smile at the gun show, kind of "kid in a candy store" smiling.    Today was no different. 

But I really enjoyed seeing the women next to the men, shopping, talking, understanding.  I listened to a few shoppers, and they were asking intelligent questions, making good deals.  I remembered back to my first gun show when so few women were there and even fewer were able to talk with any knowledge. 

It is a great feeling to see women learning, being independent and able to take care of themselves.  The shooting community is a lot like a big family, welcoming, open, helpful...

Be safe, Be smart and Have Fun!!!

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