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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gender Differences in Concealed Carry

With more and more women shooting, you would think that the holster manufacturers would catch up.  There is only so much you can do with a gun, except make it smaller or make it in colors, both of which is prevalent in the marketplace, but smaller is not kind to a new shooter, and colors…well, that is a matter of personal choice.

With the notable exception of the FlashBang Bra Holsters which are for the smaller guns (really, I don’t know anyone who could carry a full sized gun that way) and the Remora thigh band for smallish guns, the holster manufacturers have given us purses, which means carry off body and a host of other concerns and…what?  Pink?  Seriously, I have not found holsters intended for on body carry designed specifically for women!

Calling all holster manufacturers…Women need their own line of holsters?  Think IWB with less obtrusive clips?  Maybe a lower rise on the leather backing on a hybrid to accommodate the shorter torso?  Maybe a softer backing so it is less irritating to the skin? What about a kydex shell that is shaped to the gun on the inside, but has softer shaping on the outside to reduce printing with softer, feminine fabrics? There is only so much you can do, but women are carrying, and would like to be reasonably comfortable do so!

Concealed carry is a lifestyle, and we do need to modify our clothing, but a few holsters, maybe for the more popular, and not tiny, carry guns like the Glock 19, would be a welcome addition!


  1. I've had the thought that the current attempts by holster manufacturers are akin to the old commercial with the car salesman, who tries to sell a car to a woman based on it having sun visor mirrors that she can use to put on her makeup.

  2. Lynne, two friends of mine are holster makers. You might contact them, as I know they DO make holsters for women. I have holsters from both, and they are QUALITY!!!



  3. Albeit this is for deeper concealment - but it is comfortable and makes for a good alternative to purse carry:


  4. I was actually thinking on suggesting this subject. I am getting my CHL soon and was not able to find holsters designed for women. Right now the best option is a 100$ purse i found that seems sturdy and has a special compartment for a gun. but again, specially in winter i would like to use a IWB.
    I will research these options and the ones mentioned on the comments too!
    thanks all!

  5. The holster that Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks made for Miss D. that I got to try out was designed for the way the holster tucked in with a defined short waist and hips. It would work for a man, but it was perfect for a comfortable fit for a pair of jeans.