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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Follow up on new Holster - The Ava

About 1 ½ weeks ago I wrote about my new holster from the Flashbang folks, the Ava.  I adjusted the clips so the holster rides a little lower and changed the cant slightly.  I do love adjustable.  End result, you can not see my Glock 19!  It is so comfortable and so easy to wear. 
We are all built differently so what works for me may not be what is best for you, but…I love this holster.  All my other IWBs are going into the holster bag for training classes because this is it!  This is “the one”.  And…it’s pretty! 
Enough rave review, let’s talk holsters for a few minutes.  What is the purpose of a holster?  Duh, you say, to hold your gun!  Well, yes, but to hold it securely and safely, in a consistent location, easy to get to if you needed it, …  Does your holster fit your gun?  Is it specific to your make and model?  Does it stay in place and not slide around?  Does it cover the trigger guard?  Can you draw from it without lots of gyrations?  Is it complex with lots of retention that you have to defeat?  Does it fit YOUR body?  Yes, your holster is there to hold your gun, but if it isn’t comfortable, if it doesn’t stay in place, will you use it or decide, “I’m not going to carry today, it is uncomfortable and I’m only getting groceries.”?  You don’t know when you will need your firearm so you want a consistent, safe and comfortable way to carry (assuming you are in a state where you can and have the appropriate permit…must be law-abiding first). 
Like so many things in this world, you may have to try quite a few before you find what is perfect.  Keep looking, I guarantee there is a good one out there just for you.
Guys, this may be marketed as a Ladies Holster, but I have spoken with a couple men who LOVE it.  Since it is cut lower, and has the soft suede backing, it is extremely comfortable, and it is adjustable.  So, if you can live with a deep purple backing (hey, it isn’t pink) this might be a good choice for you.

Safe Shooting!

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