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my books
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear well intentioned bystander

Dear well intentioned bystander;

Would you have approached a man, who hadn't been shooting next to you , and critiqued his grip?  Would you have told him that his firearm was jumping too much for a 9mm? 

Are you a credentialed instructor?  Did you think it was ok to talk to me that way based on gender?  Do you have any idea what my experience level might be? 

FYI, I know my grip, I have very painful tendonitis and try not to shoot more than 100 rds, because the recoil does show a little more after about 80 rds,

Let mw save you some  time.  If I want your advice. I'll ask.  However, I'm more likely to consult an experienced instructor.

Couple outliers, but not too horrible, 20 feet, speed...  Yes, I was walking a little, my arms hurt, but still, that pattern is well within center chest range.

So, well intentioned bystander.  Thanks but no thanks.


  1. Nice shooting! Hope to see you and get to chat next time. =)

  2. Well, some people always have to be the experts even when they are not.
    Free advice is many times over priced.