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Friday, February 21, 2014

Is your Front Sight Bright?

Is your Front Sight Bright?

I just got a Hi-Viz front sight installed on my Glock 19.  I really like the front post being bright and a different color so I have contrast and it is easier to see.


The green dot (and it could be white or orange) really stands out between the rear notch.  


I had a Glock Armorer install mine, I’m not the build it myself type, but it didn’t look that hard. 

I tried it out on the range, and it was easier on my eyes, very clear and easy to see.

The green tube fits into a holder of sorts, and the sights came with a tool to allow me to swap out the green for another tube. 

It is a small change that makes a big difference.  I really noticed it in lower light, the front post was easier to see.

Thank you to Scott from Hi-Viz, whom I met at Shot Show for sending me the sight to try.  I like it.  Check out the website, they are available for a broad range of firearms and they have front and rear sights.

Safe Shooting!

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