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my books
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Note to self.  When you decide to name your new company, don't just write it down, say it out loud first!

OK, now my company is F&A!  Well, it has a ring to it!

Big things are happening for F&A, the third book is underway, the second, due approximately Aug of this year is in editing.  The third, working title, Female and Armed, Keep Calm and Reload, is in the writing phase.  It is  a follow up to Taking Your First Shot.  So many women have asked for more advanced work, advice, drills...so...book 3.  Full time job, teaching, magazine articles, blog...and 3 books in 3 years?  Am I nuts?  Well, maybe, a little.  But I'm also dedicated to what I do.  I love the idea of teaching, everyone, but especially women, to shoot, to defend themselves, to watch that empowerment and sense of awe on their face when they realize...I CAN DO THIS!  I'M GOOD!

Nothing in the world like it.

Ok, name dropping time.  I met some amazing women at Shot Show.  Kathy Jackson, whom I consider a friend and an awesome lady, Julianna Crowder, finally met IRL, love her!, Lisa Looper, genius!, so many other amazing women and...Vicki Farnam!  I made a fool of myself when I say her name badge asking "Can I meet you?"  I should have just put my thumb and index finger in the L on my forehead!
She is awesome, I adore her. 

So many gifted, talented, smart women...so many women attending...We've come a long way baby!!

Now, F&A is getting more opportunities.  You know I've been focused on training parties, but am starting to get  inquiries from regional ladies to do women only advanced classes.  I'm so excited, I want to do this and am thrilled to get the chance!

I took my 308 rifle to the range, and well...I've ordered a shoulder pad.  In the interim, I have lovely shades of green and purple where I should have flesh tones.  I'll let you know what I think of the pad after I've tried it out.

I also just have a Hi Vis front sight installed on my Glock.  Thank you Hi Viz!  At first glance, I love it!  I will probably shoot with it this weekend and will be giving it an appraisal after that. 

Lots to come!

Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey!
Safe Shooting.

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