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Friday, December 30, 2011

Guns in Colors

What is up with the current trend to colorize guns? It could be that the manufacturers are realizing more and more women are buying guns for self defense. When I first saw the Charter Arms pink revolvers I kind of wanted one. Then, after thinking about it…why? I don’t really like revolvers. I have one, but they aren’t very practical. I only have one to practice with for teaching. But when it comes to carry, my Glock 19 is a better bet for me than my 5 shot revolver. Plus, I’m more accurate, although, admittedly, I need more practice with the revolver. I found out that there are gun smiths that actually apply a color coating to your slide, doing solid and custom color combinations. That is kind of neat, a one of a kind creation just for me. Ok, you are reading this blog, so you already know I like pink! Some people think it is cliché, but I like pink, always have. I also like teal, blue, green and lavender. Actually, I considered matching my gun collection to my shoe collection, but I can’t afford it! Too many shoes.  Imagine, I’m confronted by an aggressor, I draw my concealed 9mm, and it has been color coated hot pink. That may be an advantage, but the time he stops laughing I might have gotten away. I admit, I was really tempted, at first. Now, I’m not so sure. I kind of like the purity of my gun, just the way it is. If I get really good, and can start customizing pistols for competition, well, sure, I’ll pick my colors. My biggest concern with the trend in smaller colorized guns is that people may forget that these are GUNS, not toys! They require the same safe handling, training, and practice as any other gun. I’m still tempted, but probably won’t try to match my gun to my outfit anytime soon. After all, it is concealed, who will know. Probably not anyone that matters. I’m not talked out of it completely, I’m still doing my homework on the bonding process. I might consider something that has special meaning for me, like the Air Force emblem, or an American Flag. Probably will skip the pink for now. It’s a personal decision, and I’d be very interested in what you think? Do you have a non-traditional color gun? Would you want a non-traditional color gun? Be safe!


  1. I actually work for my BIL who is a certified DuraCoat Applier. (http://www.rmpgunworks.com/) He can coat a firearm (or knife, golf club, pretty much any solid surface you can think of) one of almost 200 different colors or one of a multitude of different camos and other patterns. I think it can look really nice if done correctly.

  2. I like the idea of the emblem on a gun that others might see, not my concealed guns. I consider my CCW pieces shooters.The priority for them is how well they function, & how well I am on target, not how pretty they are. They should have wear, from shooting & being carried. In short, looks are not a consideration after I CCW with it.

    Guns with bright colors. I too, am afraid that those with out training (including kids) will under-estimate the damage the gun can do because "it's cute". I have been shopping & heard too many "I want that one because the pink is pretty", & there far too little discussion from the seller about "previous experience, fit, proper handling, etc". That scares me. If the adult is uneducated, how can we expect children to recognize the danger? Just my 2 cents.

  3. Excellent point about kids, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for sharing!

  4. http://www.duracoat-finishes.com/


    Only one reason why i would go with a colored or shiny gun would be for the increased durability and/or reduced chance of rust - for that these two options actually work. TBH i don't really care what my carry gun looks, but it's durability and effectiveness is another story.