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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why should I look for a NRA certified trainer?

Why should I look for NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors? Anyone can call themselves a trainer, but with NRA credentials backing them up, you know that they have received specific training in safety and proper techniques. The NRA takes great pride in their training programs, and it is well deserved.

“From beginner to developing competitor, the NRA Training Department develops safe, ethical, responsible shooters through a network of more than 65,000 instructors, more than 3,800 coaches, and more than 1,700 training counselors. NRA Training Counselors recruit and train instructors to teach NRA’s basic firearm courses. NRA Coaches, in turn, develop competitors at the club, high school, collegiate and national levels.” From the NRA Training Department website.

The NRA provides its trainers with a specific curriculum to follow, and student packets that support that curriculum. You know that the information you are receiving has been tested, researched and vetted before ever being put before a student.

When you are learning to skills to use a tool that is potentially dangerous, safety and consistency count!

For those in the Virginia, Metro DC area, check out www.innovativedefensivesolutions.com for a list of available courses.

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