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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How young is too young?

How old does a girl need to be before she learns that she is a valuable human being, who deserves to be respected, and doesn’t need to accept being intimidated or accept bad behavior from boys? Maybe 1, day, that is. I don’t think it is every too soon or too late to teach a girl, or a woman, that she is worthwhile, has a right to her own dreams, her own ideas, her own space and her own body. Girls need to understand that abusive behavior is not acceptable, from friends, family or strangers. Women need to understand this too. No matter what, when someone is abusive it is on them, not her! I posted this question on my FaceBook page (Women Firearms Instructors) and got some wonderful answers. One woman started her children out with air rifles at an early age. She taught them all the safe handling that we use with traditional firearms, stored them the same way, and as they grew older, they moved up to .22s and went from there. The kids can’t remember a time they didn’t shoot. I thought this was an awesome approach. Teach them right, and teach them early. Girls can learn to shoot at an early age, in a program that supports gun handling and appropriate use of firearms, or from parents sharing their love of shooting. How old depends on the girl, and the decision is really the parents, but maybe 12 is a good age. Girls, and women, need to know that they are entitled to respectful treatment from the world. If they don’t believe that it will be communicated through body language and behavior and make them more vulnerable. Learning to defend yourself is a great way to sense your own power. Being strong doesn’t mean not being feminine. The two are not mutually exclusive. I shoot, I’m taking Personal Defense training, and I will not quit in a fight for my life. But, I also love pink, high heels, perfume and makeup. I am what my Husband refers to as a Girly Girl. Women of all ages need to understand that it doesn’t matter it it is your brother picking on you, your boyfriend, your spouse or a stranger. It is our body and our right to say STOP. We can learn to use our voices, our smarts, and our strength to take care of ourselves. The teenage boy who kicks his girlfriend out of the car at night on a lonely road because of a fight and drives off and leaves her… The boy who beats up on his younger sister… The man who thinks his date “owes” him sex because he bought her dinner… The unknown predator who stalks his prey like an animal intent on injury or death. The differences here are in the level of severity. Women need to know this is not acceptable behavior, and we have a right to expect, and demand, better. We aren’t fragile dolls to be placed on a pedestal, but we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Teach the men in your life the proper way to treat a woman. Learning to shoot goes a long way toward helping a woman understand her power, but it isn’t a requirement. However, it is fun! Remember, we deserve to be treated right. No one can take that away. Be safe!

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  1. Both my daughters have been taught to shoot. They are 8 and 10 yrs old. I wanted them to learn how to take care of themselves in case I'm not there one day. My eldest daughter shot her first few grouse this year. She has a little pink .22 . The other has black/ silver .22 . It's amazing to watch their confidence grow as they get better and better:)