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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Learning to wear a gun is like learning to wear a bra…

Remember when you were first learning to wear a bra? It was uncomfortable, constricting, the straps kept slipping, the band irritated…I remember thinking I was never going to get used to this thing! Well, I did, and now feel strange without one (of course that could be aggravated by ample proportions and the effects of gravity). 

Learning to be comfortable with your carry gun is the same way. At first, it digs in, you bump into it, you feel like it is sticking out at least a foot and that everyone is staring at the lump under your clothes wondering if you have some kind of growth. Then, one day, you are wearing your carry gun and…you barely notice it! It have become, maybe not comfortable, but you have become used to it. Just like a bra, you barely notice it is there and find you miss it when it isn’t there. You come to realize that if people are staring it is because you are fabulous, not because you are armed. The lump, if noted at all, is assumed to be a cell phone or keys.

Like everything else, it takes time to become comfortable, so be patient. Of course, you have shopped carefully for a holster designed to fit your gun, and know that you have a secure fit and easy access. So, relax, and wear your gun in safety and ease.

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  1. lol this is a good example of why we need women talking to new female shooters - i don't know about the other guys out there but i would have never thought of the bra example.