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my books
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Monday, December 5, 2011

What is the best part about being an instructor?

Watching someone go from never having picked up a gun, to being comfortable with the safety rules and basic gun handling and then taking them to the range and watching the first tentative shots. Seeing them get more confident, watching the grouping get smaller and the excitement when they realize they are mastering a new skill…and I helped! I really get a lot of joy out of that and I feel very proud, not of me but of them, as they get better and the smiles get bigger. You never forget your first, and she was awesome! In 20 minutes she went from never having fired a gun to knocking a quarter sized target sticker off the paper at 15 feet. Few things compare to that feeling. I like helping someone feel empowered and secure with something new, watching them realize they can protect themselves and their families. I particularly enjoy working with women, but the guys can be fun, too. They don’t always listen as well, but hey, we love ‘em.

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  1. I was assisting another instructor at the range during the live fire portion of a basic pistol class recently. The student did so well and enjoyed herself so much that, after shooting my Glock 23, purchased the same gun for herself right there, on the spot, at the range. Talk about gratifying!