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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shopping for a gun - the Goldilocks Approach

When shopping for a gun, you need to use the Goldilocks approach. This one is too big, this one is too small…until…ahh, this one is JUST RIGHT! If you have friends who shoot, ask if you can try out their guns to get a feel for different types and calibers. If you take a Basic Pistol class, ask before you sign up is there is range time included and are guns made available if you don’t have one. This is a great opportunity to learn more about guns, safe gun handling, and some of the “gun-speak” so when you go shopping you can ask for what you want to see. What is “just right” for me may not be “just right” for you. We have different sized hands, different hand and arm strength. You may want something for home defense or to go “play” at the range. You may prefer something you can carry comfortably.

Be leery of the cute little pocket pistols, such as the Kel-Tec or Ruger .380s. They are easy to conceal but deceptively difficult to shoot without a lot of practice. They can also be tough on the wrist. Similarly, a 44 magnum may seem like a cannon in the female hand. Watch out for the recoil. Some men enjoy putting something like that in a woman’s hands and assuring her “it doesn’t have much recoil”. Well…they lie. These jokers think they are funny, I think of them as ex-friends. On average, a 9mm semi-automatic or a .38 revolver are pretty good starter guns for most people. Big enough to have stopping power, not so big as to knock you off your feet.
Yes, ladies, manufacturers are coming around to the fact that women shoot. And, they are smart, feminine, independent women. At a recent gun show I was fascinated to find so many pistols in various shades of pink! I don’t own one…yet. But, it was fun to look. Even rifle stocks coming in lovely exotic rainbow woods with pinks and blues and purples…oh my!

Happy Shopping.
Note to husband if you are reading this, my Santa list includes a Glock 19, and I’ve been very good! 

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  1. Excellent article, a must read for the gun enthusiast and any women jumping into the gun shopping vortex!