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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Assualt Weapon Ban

If you are a regular here you know how rare it is for me to comment on anything political.  I made an exception here; http://www.gunshowstoday.com/anti-gun-sentiments-in-the-current-administration/

Personally, I will never think of my gun as a weapon.  I define a weapon as an offensive tool, be it a pen, a knife, a bat, a trowel (I was once threatened by a landscaper with a trowel), or a gun.  My gun will never be used as an offensive tool, only as a defensive tool, or for sport such as target shooting or training.  Therefore, I do not think of my gun as a weapon.

We need to define our terms, both according to a standard, like Websters, and by our own standard. 

Be careful how you refer to your firearms and take opportunities to encourage friends who are anti-gun to examine why they feel that way.  Who knows, you might change their mind.

Safe Shooting!


  1. Excellent point, it IS a tool! And I think we passed at the NRA not too long ago! :-)

    1. and you didn't tell me?

      Thank you, btw

  2. Lynne - I just discovered two of your comments in SPAM. I have no idea why they went there, but will check to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    I had the cable guy come by the other day, all over the kitchen table was a disassembled AR15. He admired the upper, talked to me about his Mossburgs and it was just as normal as can be.