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my books
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What the World Needs Now...

More caring, passionate, dedicated Women Firearms Instructors.  There are relatively few of us.  Many women feel more comfortable learning from a woman.  We generally have a different style or manner.  I’ve worked with some amazing men, patient, talented, smart and funny.  But not all women have been so fortunate.  Or, they have a fear of the unknown and are just more comfortable learning from a woman.

Women’s classes and programs are getting easier to find, but…we need more!  I usually team teach with a man.  The women often tell me how relieved they were to walk in to the class and see me. 

What do you need to be an instructor?  Some basic shooting skills, a willingness to learn and keep learning.  You never want to stop learning, from other instructors, from your students, on your own…Dip your toes in by taking the NRA Pistol Instructor course and then looking for someone to team up with.  Maybe someone who is already established to take some of the stress of and you can gradually build your teaching skills and your comfort. 

Most import?  Be passionate about shooting and helping others learn to shoot.  You can always learn the skills, the techniques and the public speaking, but you need to love what you are doing.  The students can tell.  If you genuinely love it, odds are they will to.  If you are bored and not having fun, they won’t have fun either.

Practice, read, research, talk with other women shooters…be prepared for the questions that are gender specific, like what do you think of the Bra Holster.  If you haven’t tried it, how do you answer that?  Be careful not to just give your opinion, but to explain why.  If you love a particular product, tell them why you love it as opposed to something similar.  If you really don’t like something, be prepared to explain why not.

I am a convert, I really like Glocks.  Why?  The only time a Glock has ever had a malfunction on me I was shooting it upside down.  It takes every brand of ammo I have given it.  It is so easy to break down and clean, and they have a reputation for being reliable.  I also like Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Browning, but none of them have performed like my Glocks have. 

I love Remora holsters for carry in a skirt or a dress, and dressy slacks.  Why?  They are like pocket holsters, but the outer fabric clings to my skin so it takes very little retention to keep it in place.  I was skeptical when I saw it, but I tried it and now I love them!  They are also the only company I have found currently making a thigh holster.  The band is long enough to circle my thigh (which is pretty close to my 18 year old waist measurement) and once I got used to it…it was easy to access, didn’t slip, secured my firearm…what more can you ask from a holster?  Sure, I carry a big hybrid holster when I carry a full size gun, but when I need to scale down because of my attire, I like something that conceals well, and works. 

Bottom line…if you love shooting, think about sharing your passion.  The rewards may not come in dollars, although there is some of that, but more often in the smiles, the thank yous and watching someone take their very first shot and realizing they can do this!

Safe Shooting!

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