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my books

my books
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Writing is Work!

When I started this last November I never dreamed I would meet so many new friends, so many interesting people and learn so much. I try to post several times a week and it can be work coming up with ideas, but when I am really stumped seems to be when someone sends me a question, posts a comment of Women Firearms Instructors Face Book page, or a student says something and I get inspired and start writing. I’m now a guest blogger on www.GunShowsToday.com. They have exclusive content, so pop over and check out my posts, and those from others. There is some good information there.

Also, consider following me on Twitter @FemaleandArmed. That is more my off beat humor since it is so few characters, but you might get a chuckle. One example from last week is “It’s 9:00, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR OWNERS MANUAL IS?”.
I also tweet for National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day. For those who have been following us with that…I’m so very excited. We had an amazing time Jun 9, and so did 30+ ranges across the country. The response was phenomenal. I’m getting lots of inquiries and one official registration so far for next year. We are hoping to have at least 100 ranges participating. We already have support from two sponsors, but of course, we need a lot more. Everything helps, $5, $10, $5,000…J If you can help, please go to www.NationalTakeYourDaughtertotheRangeDay.com and click on the Donate button to use PayPal or you can contact me and I’ll send you an address.

For those who know, and those who didn’t, I finished the draft of my book and it is at the publisher with the editor. The working title is Taking the First Shot and is a woman’s introduction to pistol shooting, from how to find an instructor to how to dress for the first trip to the range, and much more. There is a pretty extensive glossary of “Gun Speak” and a chapter on Unarmed personal defense. It is full of the same off beat humor you find here. That was my agreement with the publisher. I didn’t want it to be scary, gloomy or dark. There are so few books on the topic for women that I have enjoyed (Kathy Jackson’s The Cornered Cat being the exception – I LOVED IT) that I wanted this book to be something I would like to read, not something that would make me afraid to leave the house. It is scheduled for a Spring release, I will keep you posted!

Safe Shooting!!

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