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my books
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Most Important Document You Might Never Read

This document could save you money, frustration and maybe even your life but at least half of you will never read it. What is it? Your Firearms Owner’s Manual!

Think about it. What one resource can tell you how to field strip your gun, how to clean it, how much lubricant to use and where, where not to use lubricant and why? Any preferred ammunition? Confirm caliber and power of acceptable rounds. What the recommended major maintenance schedule is. How to contact the manufacturer if you need help. Offer safety tips. Tell you how the de-cocker works (if you have one). Tell you if you can shoot your gun in Single Action mode (like my revolver, some can and some can’t).

Where else can you find all of that in one place? How many of you have never looked under the foam to find the owner’s manual? Yep, there should be one. If you bought your gun used, and it was missing the manual, you can usually download a copy from the manufacturer’s website.

This document could save your life, or at least your pride. Is your .38 revolver built to shoot .357s without damage? Can your 9mm handle +P+ ammunition without blowing up? Can you shoot your gun fairly dry or does it need lots of lubrication? All good things to know before you try them. Don’t assume that just because one gun works a particular way, the next one will too, even if they are similar. Be sure, be knowledgeable and be safe!


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