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my books
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unabashed Bragging

Am I lucky or what?  I work for one of the best firearms training companies in the country.  Ok, personal opinion, but if you check their reviews, a lot of people agree with me.  Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC is the baby of Evan Carson.  What he lacks in age he makes up in skills.  Evan is young but he has a lot of experience and some very impressive credentials and the ability to be a patient instructor. 

He has a cadre of adjunct instructors who have some very impressive credentials as well, many of whom work in shooting or security related fields in their day jobs.  What they share is a passion for shooting, a diligent focus on Safety and a sincere love of what they do. 

I give Evan a lot of credit.  I took his Pistol Instructor course and then became an instructor for him.  I appreciated what I was able to, and continue to, learn from him, and he unearthed my passion for teaching.   A lot has happened since the first encounter.  I’ve become successful in many ways that I would probably not have if not for the encouragement.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, check out Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC, there is a wide range of courses offered, including the recently introduced Combat Focus Shooting developed by Rob Pincus.  Evan is one of a handful of instructors across the country certified to teach this program.

The number one emphasis is SAFETY and the number two is FUN!  We have a good time in our classes, so think about coming to a class!

Safe Shooting


  1. I wish that I lived closer and I would take my instructor class at Innovative Defensive Solutions! When I grow up I want to be just like you! Love ya Girl!!!

    1. you'll just have to come out here! We would love to work with you!