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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bad Day at the Range Beats a Good Day in the Office

Have you ever had the experience where you went to the range and felt like you couldn’t hit anything? I shoot 2-3 times a month, dry fire, practice with a laser and teach. I had this experience recently. It was frustrating! I thought I was doing everything right, but I could get two shots within 6 inches of each other. Frustrating was the mildest term I had for the experience.
I slowed down, reminded myself to “Think Like an Instructor!”. What would I do with a student having this problem. First I cleared and laid down my gun, took a step back and physically, and mentally, shook off the stress that was building. Then I stepped back into the booth, got my stance, drove out without a pistol in my hands, mentally checking my posture. Ok. I brought my target back in to eight feet. Then I picked up my Glock, loaded it, checked my grip and came up to a low ready. I took a couple deep breaths, drove out, and fired three shots. The whole time I was focusing hard on the front sight, riding the trigger reset, making sure I had a good sight picture, solid grip, breathing naturally…I took my time. I brought the gun back to low ready and YEA! 3 new holes within about 1.5”. I’ll take that. I came back up and fired 3 more, focusing hard on fundamentals. I started to see light coming through the growing hole in my target. Ok, time to push out to 12 feet, 3 more rounds downrange, focusing hard on fundamentals…check? YEA! More light! Sent it back out to 15 feet and emptied a couple magazines making a very satisfying hole in the middle that I could stick my fingers through. Not exactly rabbit hole, but less than fist sized.
We all have an off day. The key is to not let it get to you. Shake it off, and go back to your basics. Focus on the fundamentals. Stance, grip, sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control.

Safe Shooting

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  1. I had a day like this not too long ago. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Went back a few days later, focused on basics and had an awesome day of shooting.