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Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review - My Parents Open Carry


Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, with delightful illustrations by Lorna Bergman, wrote a book called My Parents Open Carry, available at the link above.  The offered two autographed copies in support of National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day. 

I read the book and it offers an easy to understand description of open carry, the 2nd Ammendment rights and the Unorganized Militia.  It provides thoughtful answers to the questions many have about why someone would open carry as opposed to concealed. 

It is written in easy to understand language suitable for tweens and older.  While there was one or two points I didn't entirely agree with, there were many that I did, and even I learned something reading it.  I live in a state that allows open carry but have always carried concealed.  After reading this book, I'm giving more thought to open carry.

Would I share it with a tween?  Absolutely!  I think it may be a little too much for a younger child, but it offers some interesting thoughts and answers on the idea of open carry, why someone would want to and how to handle those who may question or be fearful.

Enjoy the book!

Safe Shooting!"

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  1. Sounds great! I might get a copy to give away at our NTYDTTRD. Thanks, Lynne!