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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tool Kit

What is in your tool kit for your personal protection, personal defense?

There are so many different situations, and so many different responses.  What tools do you have? 

For me, the first is situational awareness.  If you don't know what is happening around you, you can't respond!  Second is "what ifs", that process of thinking what if X happens, what will I do? 

I've taken Pepper Spray Training, I take Personal Defense Training, www.novaselfdefense.com, (not martial arts, but personal defense, there is a big difference).  I hadn't been hit since high school, and I know that statistically a male attacker will try to put a woman on the ground where she is more vulnerable.  Personal defense is about responding to the intial attack and getting through it to get to the next line of defense.  I have a few physical limitiations, so I prefer personal training to a class, we can go at my pace and work with my limitiations and incorporate my tools.

I carry a kubaton, I carry a gun, I carry a whistle.  I have a voice, I am not afraid of telling someone to back off in a way that let's them know that to keep coming is NOT a good idea. 

These are all part of my "tool kit" to avoid, and if necessary, respond to a situation.

What's in your tool kit? 

What's in your tool kit?

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  1. Thanks for the link to NoVA Self Defense. I might look into some of their classes.