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Monday, February 13, 2012

The times (and fundamentals) they are a changin'

I had a chance to work with a few experienced shooters this weekend who were preparing to take NRA instructor classes.  One gentleman in particular was a little older and had been shooting for many years, having picked up most of his knowledge in the Army.  He was good, but as we walked through the fundamentals, making minor adjustments to stance, grip, trigger control…his grouping kept getting smaller.  He had given me a couple funny looks as I was asking him to change things, but was willing to go along with the “Young Lady” (if you have read much, or looked at my picture, you know I don’t hear that often J).  Well, when he saw his groupings getting smaller and smaller, he got a big grin and told me “these differences really work!”.  I felt like I had won the lottery.  Usually when I work with a shooter they have just completed a class and have the NRA fundamentals down, at least in their head if not in practice.  To be able to tweak an experienced shooters technique and get a positive result…Wow! 

It also reminded me of something I’ve written many times, we all need instructors, and we can all learn something new. 

Safe Shooting!


  1. I bet it was a great feeling - for both of you! Just wondering if you could share a few of the little things you asked him to change?

    1. Cathi, it was fun! We worked a little on stance, feet shoulder width apart balanced foreward. Grip, solid, not teacupping. Trigger control, keeping your finger on the trigger and riding out the reset versus taking your finger off the trigger between shots. He was very receptive, and saw his grouping shrink rapidly.

      Congrats on the next level!!

    2. Thanks, Lynne! It's funny how people who have been shooting a long time, and who even shoot well, can fall into habits - or be taught incorrect methods - that are not the most effective. I need to work on the trigger release, myself. Thanks for the tips!

    3. Thanks Cathi. Check out the Post from Dec 19 on Trigger control. I learned a lot when I first started working with Evan.