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my books
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sharing Someone Else’s Story

I may be a little sensitized because it involves a person I consider a friend, but I make it a point not to write about someone else’s experiences unless I check with them first.

Recently there have been multiple posts, with multiple viewpoints, that refer to someone’s very personal experience.  One of the ways she used to deal with what happened to her was to blog about and share her story, however, that is still her story and doesn’t make it public domain. 

I believe very strongly in the right to privacy and will make every effort not to call out anyone, except myself, in this writing, without his or her permission in advance.  (I did ask her before publishing this.)

I think if we all ask ourselves how we would feel if we read our story in someone else’s print, positive or negative, it might make all of us better writers.

Safe Shooting.

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