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Safe Shooting!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Follow up on New Safety Rules

If you missed it, the rule was ALWAYS wear shoes when handling your firearms. 
That simple act of dropping my favorite rifle while uncasing it to put into the safe, having it land on my foot, which was not covered with a shoe.

Well, that was Jan 1.  I have since been to my Orthopedic Surgeon, gotten new XRays, and ... it is worse than we thought.  All three bones have fractures (the three that stick out from the foot basically.  The end, or tip, has a fracture, relatively minor, but still broken.  The second bone, which we thought was in two pieces, is actually at least 4.  Gee, that explained the odd shape.  The third bone looks like a mushroom, the tip is pulverized. 

So far, hanging in there.  Don't know if the pieces will magically stay together.  It isn't likely, but it is possible.  Odds are I will need surgery to remove all the fragments (he did say the damage was too severe to pin together) and then put in a pin and fuse the toe.  Hey, will make pedicures a little tougher, but I get to keep the toe.

Why am I sharing?  This was a serious accident.  Best case, I'm looking at 6-8 months to recover.  If I had been wearing shoes, odds are it would have been a bad bruise, but nothing like this.  If just one person avoids a similar fate...it was worth fessing up. 

So, be safe and WEAR your SHOES!

Safe Shooting!


  1. Ouch, truly sorry to hear that Lynne. Get well soon!

    1. thank you! Itwas time to clim down off the 4 inch heels for a while anyway...