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Monday, February 18, 2013

New Holster - The Ava from Flashbang

I have a new Holster, the Ava from Flashbang’s Pin Up collection.  I’ve been wearing it for a few days and my response is I love it!  I have it for my Glock 19 (which I found at Gun Goddess).  I have one on order for me Ruger LC9 from Loop Law Enforcement.

This holster is designed for women, look at the photos comparing the Ava to my Desantis holster.  The cut is lower, so it doesn’t poke me in the ribs, the clips are adjustable to raise of lower the position of the holster.  It has an gorgeous suede backing in a lovely purple.  The suede is soft against the skin, but it is well died because it hasn’t left any staining on my skin. 

I tend to be skeptical of products “for women” but this is a full holster, with great retention and coverage, and it is cut down to fit my curves in a way I never imagined was possible.  It was comfortable immediately, and by the end of the first day, I had my new favorite holster. 

I first saw this at Shot Show in Las Vegas, I was not given a promotional holster to review, I chose this one and bought it.  Now…I love it! 
My Desantis above and the Ava below

The Ava

The beautiful purple back of the Ava


The Ava on top of the Desantis, back sides up.  Notice the cut?


  1. Nice, and I'm betting it's a LOT more comfortable just based on the lowered cut for the sweat guard.

    1. The curved and lower cut mad it much more comfortable. And...it's pretty. :-)

  2. Pretty holster! Gun accessories are so much fun. I hope Flashbang makes some of their holsters for my firearm one of these days. Or maybe if I want a Flashbang, that's an excuse to get another gun. ;-) My new Remora thigh holster should arrive today. Excitement!

  3. :-) I have found them receptive to requests, but a new gun is not usually a bad thing. I don't know what you have now. I hope you enjoy the Remora, I love mine!

    Be safe