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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

View from the sidelines

Watching the industry scramble to meet the demands of the public is an interesting exercise in basic economics, specifically Supply and Demand, or the theory of capitalism.  With all the gun ban talk people are scrambling to buy their firearms in case they are outlawed.  People are stockpiling ammunition the way some used to stockpile gold.  Prices are skyrocketing, and that is IF you can find the gun or ammo you are looking for. 
A quick trip to my favorite ammo sites and the best I could find for 9mm practice ammo was about $.48 each, buying 1000 rounds.  Smaller quantities were a lot higher.  That is about double a couple months ago.  I’m not suggesting price gouging, but that is what a free market economy does.  Ammunition companies are reporting a ramp up in production to meet the demand.  Reloaders are looking at 6-9 months backlog on supplies because it is going to the manufacturers.
Firearms, if you can find one, are going for 20-50% more than they were in Nov.  Major manufacturers are reporting significant backlogs in orders and are maxing out production capability to keep up.  Not just the AR-15s, but 9mm handguns, and everything in between. 
Where will it end?  Who knows?  If I had to guess, I would see this as a bubble that will eventually flatten out, but only after the gun ban talk quiets down.  Will prices ever be what they were in Oct?  Probably not.  Do I think this administration can get a ban through?  No, but I do expect some restrictions coming our way. 
Me, I’m watching and waiting.  I had been thinking of picking up something else, but now I think I will wait a little longer.  Not only is the supply scarce the prices are high.  Where does that leave someone who is not yet equipped but has a threat in their life and needs to be able to protect themselves?  Unfortunately, that question doesn’t seem to concern the politicians.  I would suggest that you head out to your local hardware store and buy a couple hammers…quickly, before the politicians realize that more people are killed by hammers than firearms and they make you get a background check before you can take home that shiny new ball pein or claw hammer.   

Be safe, be careful and look out for one another. 

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