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my books
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Something Different

If you have ever read my blog you know I almost never post about day to day stuff, I try to focus on “tips, tricks and the occasional political inanity”.  Well, I’m going to break that trend and tell you about what is happening in my life.
I’m an Author!  I can’t tell you what it meant to see a draft cover of my book, which is due out in Jun (was originally April but that was a scheduling glitch).  It is very much like what you read here, and there a lots of nice shiny photos!  What really has been exciting, humbling and a little scary are the people who have stepped up to help.  Kathy Jackson, who I adore and respect wrote a fabulous foreword for me.  Julie Golob wrote such a nice review that is made me sniffle.  Others are writing reviews for the cover and inside page as I type and all have been so kind and supportive.  It is an amazing feeling, and more than a little humbling. 

draft cover

I submitted my first magazine article, and I will give you all the details after I’m sure they accepted it.  LOL  Don’t want to set the expectation and not be able to make it happen. 
Yesterday was a long day, which may account for my melancholy mood.  Up at 4, out of the house by 6, setting up a classroom by 7, class started at 8:30 and by the time we had finished a long day of classroom, gone to the range, done the shooting and did the instructor debrief, it was nearly 8 pm.  I love teaching, almost as much as I love writing, but man am I tired!

Today is back at the day job, but it’s ok, I’m on my lunch break, trying to type and eat a salad at the same time.
Tonight, I have guns to clean, laundry to do…and maybe work a little more on my second book, yep…already working on round 2.  Taking Your First Shot is really an introduction, but it has things for more experienced shooters, too.  Lots of gun speak, tips, fundamentals, concealed carry tips and some unarmed defensive information. 
Book 2, working title is Book 2, is not about guns or shooting.  It is about keeping yourself and your family safe.  Ways to make your home more secure if you are a renter, things you can do if you own your home; your online life; calling the police, what do you say?  There is more, but it is just in outline now, so who knows how the final product will look.  But if you have a better title than Book 2, I’m open to ideas!
I bought a new toy last weekend.  Ok, firearms are not toys, but shooters will understand.  I bout a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. I’m a Glock Girl, through and through, but I wanted something I could let students shoot if the Glock wasn’t a good fit for their hand and I don’t like giving them a small gun (especially the new shooters) because they are harder to handle.  So, now I need to name my new baby.  I’m thinking Sheehan, which is Celtic for Peacemaker or Saundra which is a Scottish name meaning Defender of Mankind. No I don’t put this much thought in to all my guns, but I like names with ties to my ancestry. 
So, I wish you all a safe week. Thank you for indulging my ponderings.

Safe Shooting.
Laem Chabang SeaPort Tower, Pattaya Thailand


  1. Congrats Lynne, and please let us know when it is available...

    1. Thank you! I will probably be yelling pretty loud when I get the copy in my hands, but it is scheduled for Jun, and is on Amazon for pre-sale