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my books
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting back to the basics

Ever have one of those days, you go to the range and feel like you are wearing mittens?  I had that experience not long ago.  It is incredibly frustrating!  What can you do?  Go back to the basics.
                Stance; feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed, bend forward at the waist, shoulders down and when you go to full extension make sure they are rolled forward so that shoulders are in front of hips.  Drive out from high compressed ready keeping your gun in parallel to your sight…
                Grip; balanced, firm, backstrap centered in the web between thumb and forefinger, no gaps or spaces, holding securely like you are squeezing and orange for juice…
                Sight alignment/sight picture; front post on the target, to edges of front and rear sight even, equal light on both sides of the front post…
                Trigger control; maintain contact with the trigger, slow steady press to the rear using the center of the front pad of your finger…
                Slow down, take your time and remember, THIS IS FUN!!!
Start fairly close, gradually step your target out as your confidence increases and you regain your skills.  It is very much like rebooting your computer.  Every now and then, you just have to!
Don’t get frustrated, we all go through it at some point.  Just remember, deep breath, step back and start from the feet up.
Safe Shooting!


  1. Mittens? I've had days it felt like oven mitts. Never quit and just keep plugging at it. Excellent advice.

    1. LOL, wish I had thought of Oven Mitts! That's a great analogy!

      Thanks, B!