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Friday, February 24, 2012

Out and About with the Family

Concealed carry with loved ones requires some thought and planning.  I carry, my husband does not.  We are very protective of each other, and in the past would probably have knocked each other down to take on a threat and protect the other.  But the situation is a little different since I carry.  He always has pepper spray with him, and is quite capable of taking on an average threat, but my gun changes the mix.

We had to have a long talk about how to handle a situation if we were confronted.  We agreed our response will vary based on the threat, the number of people involved in the threat and where we are.  However, we agreed that the call is mine, and we agreed on a safe word, “Cover”.  If I say cover, he knows I intend to draw my gun, or am already in the process of doing so and I need him to move away from me, to the rear on a diagonal to the closest cover and call 911.  He also understands that he is to stay there until the shooting stops, so I can concentrate on the fight and not be worrying about him.  That is hard for him, but he understands.  The only thing he wouldn’t commit to was staying put until the police arrive.  If I get hurt, all bets are off. 

When you, as a person who carries, are out with your family, they need to know that if you use your code word, whatever it is, they need to move…fast.  You need to know they are on their way to a safe position and you can focus on the threat.  Behind you, even for children, is not the safest position.  You need to practice this, to ensure they respond quickly and without hesitation.  Also, so you can give the command, even while drawing your gun.

What is the difference between cover and concealment?  Concealment will screen you from view but will not stop or significantly slow a bullet.  Cover will screen and mostly likely stop a bullet.  Get used to looking around and having your family notice what is around so they can distinguish and select cover without having the think about it. 

Why move away at to the rear and at an angle?  You do not want them in your line of fire.  You do not want them in the threat’s line of fire.  If they are directly behind you, even moving, they are at a greater risk.  If they are moving away at an angle, 45-40 degrees, then you can monitor the threat and either keep his, or hers, attention on you while they move to safety.

These activities are important to discuss and practice.  Just like a fire drill in your home, a safety drill is critical to the safety of your family, and to your ability to focus and defend yourself and your family without the added stress of having them next to you.

Safe shooting!


  1. Good advice. My children and I had similar emergency plans in the event we ever had an intruder. They each had an assigned place in their room they were to go to that would be out of the line of fire and I would know exactly where they were.

  2. I just had this conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing the importance of having a plan. In our case, we all carry, so it is equally important, so that everyone isn't just going guns ablazing. I won't go into the specifics here, but a plan is so important. Good advice, as always!

  3. Excellent advice. I'll pass it on!