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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Concealed Carry when you are Pregnant

Most of us understand that going to the range while you are expecting is probably not a great idea.  The lead, the noise...none of it is good for the baby.  However, as your tummy grows, your center of balance is shifted, you may feel more vulnerable and want to continue to carry concealed, but how?  This question has come up a couple times so I'd like to offer a couple options here.

After a lot of thought, and asking several women who have kids, we all came to the same conclusion, a Remora holster. Once you move from “regular” clothing to that with a stretchy panel, there is no belt to secure a holster, you need something you can tuck in to the general are of the strong side hip, shifting for comfort and the movement of your baby. If you are wearing a dress, your options are more limited, especially the closer you are to your due date as you probably can’t see your feet, let alone reach your thigh. At that point you might consider a sized up Belly Band (the stretchy band with the pockets for magazines and your gun). Wear it like a maternity belt, wrapped low under your belly. Yes, you run the risk of showing the world your Tuesday panties on Thursday if you have to draw, but it is better than being without your gun.

Stay Safe!


  1. Wonderful, thanks for addressing the issue. Since I am 52, I don't think I will need the advice but I know there are women who were wondering. Thanks for the information on adaptations. It is helpful too. Have a great day!!

  2. This is great information for women who carry concealed. Advice like this is often overlooked, but so very important.

  3. Haha, this cracked me up. As someone who began to carry long past the child-bearing years, I had not even thought about this, but will have great info to share with my younger friends now. And I'm sorry, but if I have to show the world my Tuesday panties on Thursday, whoever made me make that decision had better start running! LOL As always, thanks for the great advice :)

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