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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remora Thigh Holster First Thoughts

In a word...WOW!  Understand, I'm not a petite woman.  I've never successfully worn thigh high stockings, they always ended up around my ankles. 

I carried a Glock 26 around for most of a day, high on my thigh.  The holster, because of it's construction, is fully adjustable.  I removed the retention strap, and the gun felt very secure.  Up and down stairs, sitting, standing, walking...it didn't move.  I'm right handed, I wore it high on my left thigh, with the gun slightly forward but between the thighs.  It took about 30 minutes before I realized I didn't even notice it anymore.  I practiced drawing several times, smooth, easy, comfortable.  Retention was really good. 

Not sure what the magic trick is that keeps it from sliding down, it was against bare skin, but unlike previous thigh bands there is no annoying waist belt.  This just didn't go anywhere! 

I can't wait to try one one with my .380.

Quality, comfortable, secure...completely hid my gun.  I love it!  This opens up some new opportunities for me, I can wear a dress and stay armed!

Thank you Remora!


  1. Thanks, Lynne, that's what I was hoping to hear. I'll definitely order one now. Do you just order the holster that fits your gun, and then also order the thigh/ankle strap?

    1. When you select the holster for your firearm, and you ca't really carry a big one on your thigh, there are options listed, one of which is the thigh adjustment. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it and I will find you a specific link.

  2. I've never even bothered with thigh holsters because I couldn't see how they could possibly work. I might give one a try, though for the rare times I do wear a skirt or dress.