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Friday, June 8, 2012

I Chose today to try out my new Remora IWB

And....I love it!  I wa running lots of errands, last minute buying ammo, food, bottled water, juice, etc for the event.  I'm wearing a long broomstick skirt with an eleastic waist and a drawstring and a t-shirt over the top.  I carried my Glock 19 appendix, the holster didn't move, it was truly amazing  I love this holster!  It give me great options and the cocealment is really good. 

I'm impressed!

Safe shooting!


  1. Even with the drawstring it didn't move? That's impressive. I've never carried with my scrubs, because they drooped with a holster and I was constantly re-tying my drawstring.

  2. Yes, the skirt has slight elastic and a drawstring. No issues shopping, bending, sitting, walking...pretty amazing. You just have to remember that when you undo the draw sting you need to have hold of it so it doesn't fall.

  3. "When the Moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's..."

    (I know - bad joke, good holster!)