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my books
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

FAQs – Who do I teach with and why?

I’m often asked, who do I teach with and why?  I teach with Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC, in Northern Virginia, which is owned and operated by Evan Carson (who, though under 30, have a very impressive resume and credentials including NRA Training Counselor, experienced competitive shooter and he made it to Top Shot’s audition finals). 
Why?  When I first considered getting Instructor credentials, I looked on the NRA portal and found Evan and another company locally that offered instructor classes.  Evan was the one who called me back, LOL.  After we talked, I thought maybe I wasn’t ready (seems to be a common reaction from women but not men, mmm, wonder why?).  He convinced me to meet him at the range and shoot to assess my skills and he promised honest feedback on if he thought I was ready.  Evan is more concerned about getting good instructors out there than about the money, which I appreciated.  He showed me a couple things I could improve on, and made a significant difference in my grouping.  We talked, I agreed to take the class and when I passed he approached me about becoming an adjunct instructor.  He let me sit in on classes for over a month before I started teaching, getting comfortable with the material and practicing my left handed gun handling.  He was adamant that all the instructors learn to do everything with either hand because we get right and left handed students.  I still can’t load the magazine with my left hand, or one handed, but everything else I learned. 
Why do I teach?  Certainly not to get rich!  J  Simple answer is I love it.  I’m passionate about shooting and helping others learn, I really enjoy that moment on the range with a new student, someone who has never shot before, when they begin to realize they can do this!  They are doing it!  They are doing it well!!  The smile it worth so much, the high fives, the occasional hugs…all amazing.
There are not enough caring and enthusiastic women instructors out there yet.  Think about sharing the joy of shooting!  The rewards come in ways you might never have imagined.

Safe Shooting!