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my books
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting to Review Products

It is kind of flattering being asked to review a product, or being offered something to try.  I also take it as a sign of recognition for the blog and FB page.  So far I’ve been quite fortunate, I’ve loved everything I’ve been offered.  I know one of these days I will get offered something and will have to write that I didn’t like it and why.  You trust me to give my honest opinion and I couldn’t do anything else.
I will tell you I was so happy with the MagTech hollow points that I ordered enough to replace all my carry ammo, which we should do every so often anyway. 
I also can’t wait to try the Remora holster IWB.  I have carried for a long time in a hybrid IWB strong side hip.  I’m comfortable with it, I’m used to it, I know right where it is.  But there are times when I’ve wished for something a little more discreet, and have wanted to try appendix carry but hadn’t found anything I liked.  That is my plan with the Remora, I will be trying it appendix and let you know what I think.  My only concern is I’m used to clips…I don’t want to drop the holster and gun in the Ladies Room, LOL.  I’m sure it happens, but I need to remember that it isn’t clipped on.
I normally advocate picking a carry method and sticking to it.  In class I explain that I know how my brain works, I’m a creature of habit and as soon as I change where I carry, I will need my gun and be slapping body trying to find it.  However, there are times when my attire dictates changes.  Practicing with a Blue Gun is something I do a lot at home, I can draw from wherever, roll on the floor, punch my heavy bag and draw…  I will let you know how it all works out!  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if I write something that leaves you scratching your head or you disagree!

Safe Shooting!

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  1. It is flattering and youndona great job!!!

    I really enjoying reading your perspective.